1.4 billion LTL from Cohesion Fund aid has been successfully used for transport projects


2010 12 22

With the use of 2000-2006 period Cohesion Fund aid 20 large transport infrastructure projects have been implemented, their total value being 2.2 billion LTL. 
The above-mentioned funding was almost equally divided for road and railway infrastructure projects: for nine State importance road projects – the sum of 666.0 million LTL, and for 8 railway projects – 592,1 million LTL. The road projects were implemented by Lithuanian Road Administration. The railway projects were implemented by JSC Lithuanian Railways.     
Furthermore, 168.00 million LTL were allocated for the funding of projects under the implementation of municipalities. With the support of Cohesion Fund the following projects were implemented: Vilnius Southern Bypass, Northern Access Road near Klaipėda, and prepared technical Project of Klaipėda Northern Link. 
The Cohesion Fund aid facilitated the modernisation of transport infrastructure belonging to transport corridors going via Lithuanian territory in East-West and North-South directions.
The implemented projects improved the conditions of passenger and freight transportation, increased transit capacities, and enhanced transport safety.