30,000 lives to save on European Roads


2012 11 14

30,000 lives to save on European Roads
30,000 lives to save on European Roads

November 13, 2012. In 2011, 30,000 people lost their lives on European roads. This is the equivalent of 205 Boeing 737s crashing and killing everyone onboard. Young people are especially at risk: Road-related accidents are the leading cause of death in teenagers.

On a positive note, over 102,000 lives were saved through the European Union’s 2001-2010 road safety programmes. This is why the European Commission’s “European Road Safety Charter” is in place and asks European citizens to support the campaign and take the pledge.

The “30,000 lives to save” campaign aims to reach individual citizens from all over Europe and to promote their participation and commitment. For this, the campaign will use an integrated application on Facebook as well as the website causes.com, a platform that invites citizens to follow a specific cause. The overall objective is to reach 30,000 individual participants who believe road safety should be a priority for all.