4G Internet MEZON has won for the Television Centre the award “Made in Lithuania”


2010 12 03

In the Lithuanian mobile connection market the Telecentras is the only Lithuanian capital enterprise. 100% of enterprise shares are owned by the State.
„Experts working at the Telecentras create most advanced communication technology services. They are not afraid to choose new ways and are very enthusiastic about innovations. Possibilities of the “WiMAX” technology are huge and we will make efforts to use them to the full, as well as to supply Lithuanian Internet users with the most possible range of its advantages“, said Director General Gediminas Stirbys.
At the global “WiMAX” forum the Telecentras participates from the year 2004. In the year 2007 the enterprise received the licence for the “WiMAX” communication radio frequencies use. The “WiMAX” network implementation works were launched at the end of 2008.  
On 3 March 2008, with the start of providing the 4G Internet MEZON services in Vilnius, Lithuania became the first EU member state that started using the mobile “WiMAX” communication. 
At present, the mobile 4G Internet MEZON is accessible to approximately 60% of Lithuanian population.