A single agreement on air traffic replaces separate agreements of USA and EU countries


2008 07 31



A single agreement on air traffic replaces separate agreements of USA and EU countries. The agreement will extend and simplify this traffic. The Government approved the proposal of the Ministry of Transport end Communications and decided to apply to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania for ratification of the agreement of European Community and EU member states with USA on air traffic, which was adopted in Brussels and Washington.  


The above agreement of the EU and USA is intended for the opening of air transport market and coordination of legal requirements. This agreement will regulate not only the main aspects of regulation of flights and economic activities, but also the flight safety, competitive ability, air traffic management and users‘ security.


The agreement will come into force when each of agreeing countries will finalise certain legal procedures, i. e. will approve the agreement in line with national legal requirements. Temporarily the agreement is already being applied from 30 March 2008.  


By this agreement USA recognises EU carriers as European Community carriers by air, and not as separate carriers of each EU member state. The latter will be able to perform flights from every departure of the EU to any destination of USA without the limitation of transportation volumes, flight frequency and aircraft type. The agreement foresees the opportunity of performing the flights via USA or EU to third countries. Furthermore requirements are unified in the fields of competition, state aid and aviation safety.


Until now Lithuania had no valid agreements with USA. Therefore the above agreement will open perspectives for the formation of USA and Lithuanian market, for direct flights and the flights by shared code agreements between USA and Lithuanian air carriers.