Advanced system for connecting the Kaunas Intermodal Terminal with Western Europe


2016 12 06


A railway terminal system operating in Western Europe has been presented at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. This system ensures the expeditious loading of unaccompanied semi-trailers on special railway platforms and their safe transportation. There are plans to install this system near Kaunas Intermodal Terminal, which features a developed road and rail transport infrastructure, in the vicinity of the Kaunas Free Economic Zone and Kaunas Airport.

“Transporting truck semi-trailers by rail to Western European countries which operate the similar terminal systems would help to take the load off the international Via Baltica highway, reduce the damage to road surface and contribute to road safety,” said Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications Saulius Girdauskas.

This system was offered to be used in Lithuania by the representatives of the French company Lohr Group after examining the possibilities of local infrastructure. According to them, unaccompanied semi-trailers could be safely transported by a rolling stock consisting of at least 10 special platforms from Kaunas to Western European countries which have the similar railway terminal systems.

The Lohr railway system was put into operation in 2003 between Aiton (France) and Orbassano (Italy). In 2007, it was deployed between Bettembourg (Luxembourg) and Perpignan (France).