Border control posts are modernised on the EU frontier


2008 07 08




In the course of modernisation of local traffic infrastructure of border control posts at Lithuanian/Belorussian frontier, such factors as transport flows analysis, popularity and busyness of border crossing posts will be considered. 


On May 20 the Commission of border control posts development discussed the plans of road infrastructure at border crossing areas at the frontiers with Schengen countries and third countries.    


Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Rimvydas Gradauskas emphasized the fact that the infrastructure of border crossing posts is not yet sufficiently developed and arranged, and it does not ensure convenient border crossing by transport means. However much financing will be necessary for roads at border crossing area to be put in order. He said: “Works will be carried out first of all in places with highest traffic rate”.     


According to Lithuanian agreement of 2007 with Belarus, it is envisaged to modernise 11 local border crossing posts, as their infrastructure is obsolete and requires adjustment.  


The Commission of border control posts development also discussed opportunities to renew the traffic by local roads with countries of Schengen area, i. e. Poland and Latvia.