Common Transport Policy Discussed at the Meeting of Transport Ministers of the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia)


2006 10 23


On 8 September, during the 29th meeting of Transport Ministers of the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) held in Vilnius, a common transport policy pursued by the countries implementing the projects Via Baltica and Rail Baltica, traffic safety, and other issues were discussed.

In 2006, Lithuania plans to finish the essential rebuilding and reconstruction of the part of the road Via Baltica present in the territory of Lithuania.
The countries emphasized the importance of timely completion of this common development project and, first of all, of making traffic conditions the same along the whole highway. It was decided that the Baltic States, on the grounds of the results of the feasibility study of the Rail Baltica,initiated by the European Commission,and pursuant to the need to further develop the Via Baltica, until 1 July 2007 will draft and co-ordinate the national implementation measures for the Via Baltica and the Rail Baltica projects for 2007-2013.  

It was also decided that considering the importance of participation of Poland for the implementation of the I transport corridor development programmes, the Minister of Transport of Poland should be invited to support these intentions and to initiate the inclusion of the Via Baltica and the Rail Baltica projects into the national development programmes for 2007-2013. This is recorded in the common declaration signed by three Transport Ministers of the Baltic States .