Consolidating efforts for the improvement of Lithuania’s accessibility by air transport


2010 07 22

“In the latter year we were considering the ways for better air links between Lithuanian and European towns. We have managed to reach good results. However we are not going to stop. Our current task – to increase the flows of passengers”, said Minister Masiulis.
The Minister emphasized that the programme is among other measures intended for consolidation of efforts of different institutions establishing and implementing Lithuanian tourism policy, aiming at the coordination of common actions. The programme will facilitate the improvement of services delivered by airports and formation of the positive image of Lithuanian tourism. The implementation of this programme should increase the proportions of new destinations, flights and passengers, as well as improve the service quality of airports, which would acquire better evaluation from the clients’ point of view.  
The programme will comprise market analysis and identify categories of passengers arriving by air transport. It is also foreseen to establish marketing strategy, to plan and implement measures of the strategy. The programme will give an opportunity for better presentation of Lithuania by the media abroad, also at international exhibitions, forums, conferences, thus stimulating more arrivals to the country.