Cooperation with China in maritime transport is developing


2007 12 20


On 13 November 2007 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the agreement on maritime transport signed by the Republic of Lithuania and the People‘s Republic of China on 23 April 2007 inBeijing.

This agreement was signed with the intention of equal and mutual development of shipping trade between the two countries and for further strengthening of mutual relations in the maritime transport sector. The agreement defines the key notions of ship, sailor, and competent authorities of agreeing country, port, and shipping company. There are indicated the spheres of applying of the agreement and necessary documentation, there are also defined the notions of accidents in the sea, legal and other issues.

At present the trade relations between the two countries are not yet fixed by an international cooperation agreement. Presumably more favourable conditions will be created for the mutual cooperation in maritime transport sector, as well as equal conditions for Chinese and Lithuanian seafarers to use the ports‘ infrastructure, quay‘s equipment, together with more favourable port taxation, and recognition of seafarers‘ documentation of both countries.