Eligijus Masiulis: “In 2009 the Ministry of Transport and Communications contributed more than one billion LTL to the implementation of Economy stimulation plan”


2010 01 15


“This sum has already reached national enterprises, suppliers of materials, workers. The resources are already being used for investment and purchasing by Lithuanian citizens and business enterprises. A considerable share of the funding has already returned in the form of taxes and fees into the budgets of the State, municipalities and social insurance institution Sodra”, said Minister Masiulis.

In 2010 it is planned to contribute to the economy stimulation another share of 1.5 billion LTL, of which sum 1.25 billion LTL – from EU aid, and 250 million LTL – from the Road Maintenance and Development Fund, as well as from the State Investment Programme.   

 Lithuanian transport sector generates more than 10 percent of GDP. The sector comprising all transport modes, post and electronic communication operation employs almost 10 percent of economy subjects of the country, and provides approximately 120 thousand working places.