Expansion of “Rail Baltica” continues – the construction works are carried out in Kaunas and the designing works are started towards Latvia


2019 04 03


The implementation of the project “Rail Baltica” of strategical significance for Lithuania is moving forward quickly. The railway track from the Polish-Lithuanian border will be connected to Kaunas intermodal terminal in Palemonas through Kaunas central station in the end of this year already. This will ensure additional capacities to carry goods to Poland and will increase attractiveness of the Lithuanian transport sector in the Asian -European corridor for goods.

“We give special attention for the implementation of the project “Rail Baltica”. It does not simply have vital importance for regional business development and convenience of residents, but also it is one of the underlying objects that help to ensure national security of Lithuania and the army’s mobility in the region. The further expansion works towards Latvia only confirm our determination to implement the project on time and to use the received funds transparently and effectively,” – says Mr. Rokas Masiulis, Minister of Transport and Communications.

The contract for designing of the sector Kaunas-Ramygala signed today in the “Rail Baltica Global Forum” continues the implementation of the project “Rail Baltica” from Kaunas towards Latvia. Lithuania manifests its leadership and is implementing its obligations to the project’s partners.

It is planned to build 7 viaducts, 11 railway viaducts, 4 railway bridges and 3 eco-tunnels in the sector Kaunas–Ramygala of 78 km. Moreover, it is planned to construct one of the most impressive engineering objects in this sector of the track connecting all the Baltic States – the railway bridge of 1,7 km length over the Neris River.

According to the minister, the special plan of the sector Kaunas – Lithuanian-Latvian border is approved and the land-taking procedures are coming to an end, so the timely done project of the railway would allow starting railway construction works in 2021. If sufficient European support is received, Lithuania attempts to continue “Rail Baltica” up to Panevezys city in the next stage. 

When minister R. Masiulis gave a speech in “Rail Baltica Global Forum”, he noted that “Rail Baltica” is a strategical project for national Lithuanian security. The Government of the Republic of Lithuania gives priority to this project with regard to expansion of strategical transport infrastructure that would ensure mobility of the NATO military units, weaponry and equipment. Kaunas railway node plays an important role in ensuring the army’s mobility and movement of military cargoes to the Lithuanian geographical centre.

According to the minister, Lithuania follows the ambitious plan to finish the project until 2026 The project’s implementation works are run up, so it is very important to avoid delays, to keep the speed, and to carry out all the procedures and construction works on time and in compliance with the set budget. Besides, the European financing remains the essential precondition for further implementation of the project, including the financing needed for the link Kaunas–Vilnius that will be integrated into the international project.