In the middle of September leaders of global Internet policy will gather in Vilnius from 70 countries all over the world


2010 09 06

One of the largest international forums in Lithuanian history, the present Forum has been organised by the Secretariat-General of the United Nations together with the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications. As the Minister Eligijus Masiulis said, the right to arrange an event of such a high international level proves that Lithuania is among the most advanced states in the field of information technologies.
“The Internet Governance Forum is a prestigious event attended by politicians, businessmen, representatives of non-governmental organisations and academic society. Discussions held at the Forum plenary meetings and working groups will reveal plenty of ideas and proposals, the largest proportion of which will be hopefully implemented on the international and national level. We can predict that in September, in Vilnius, the global Internet policy of the nearest future will be shaped and identified”, says Minister Masiulis.    
The Forum will be attended by high-level officials from 70 countries, as well as members of European and National Parliaments, representatives of such international corporations as the ”Facebook“, ”PayPal“ and ”Cisco“. Politicians, business representatives and representatives of non-governmental organisations are welcome to the Forum.
Internet Governance Forum is an open event and all interested people can participate in it. More information is provided on the Websites: and