International railway project “Viking” will be expanded to Romania


2013 12 05

International railway project “Viking” will be expanded to Romania
International railway project “Viking” will be expanded to Romania
“Favorable and competitive conditions that train “Viking” encounters motivates an increasing number of countries to access the project. Romania’s accession to “Viking” will create a favorable land link between Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and other Northern Europe countries.” says Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania Rimantas Sinkevičius.
The Memorandum of Understanding and co-operation in the field of transport highlights that Lithuania and Romania will pay a special attention to Romania’s accession to “Viking” project, which connects the Baltic and Black Sea regions. This more than a decade long successful project is recognized as one of the best examples of developing the East-West and North-South transport corridors.
In order to increase the volume of goods transported between the Baltic and Black Sea regions, the parties are determined to establish and implement competitive conditions for cargo carriage in “Viking”. In addition, the parties will exchange information related to the cargo carriage by regular container trains and experience in developing the cargo transportation and logistics.
Since 2003, the railway project “Viking” operated by Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine established a freight carriage route on the axis Lithuania (the port of Klaipėda) – Belarus – Ukraine (the port of Iljichovsk). In 2012, Bulgaria joined the project; Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Turkey have also expressed their intentions to participate in the project. It is expected that the project will attract more cargo traffic between Europe and Asia.