Klaipeda Seaport has opened the gates to one of the largest vessels worldwide


2018 12 19

KVJUD 20181219_6.jpg

On December 19, 2018 one of the largest 19 462 TEU (20 feet equivalent unit) capacity vessel „MSC Ingy“ operated by the shipping line „Mediterranean Shipping Company“ (MSC) successfully entered Klaipeda Seaport. It was a trial passage of the vessel. This vessel, attributed to ULCV („Ultra Large Container Vessel“) class vessels, made changes in the history of Klaipeda Seaport and became the largest vessel ever entering the lithuanian seaport.

Its length overall reaches 400 metres, breadth is 59 metres. Until now the largest vessels entering Klaipeda Seaport were the container ships with 13 119 TEU capacity, 366 metres in overall length and 48 metres in breadth.

The successful call of „ MSC Ingy“ to the seaport allowed Klaipeda Seaport  to entrench in  „the highest container league“: only 37 seaports (i.e. approx.7 pct) among 500 seaports worldwide MSC carries its cargo to are ready to accept ULCV class vessels. Up to now only the Aarhus (Denmark) and Gdansk ( Poland) container terminals have accepted such vessels in the Baltic Sea region.

The vessel has been moored at the quays of JSSC „ Klaipedos Smeltė“ – the owner of successfully operating international cargo distribution centre (HUB). Presently, 5000 – 7000 TEU capacity ocean going liners, carrying containers on„ Australia Express“  route  and connecting Klaipeda with important transit European and Eastern seaports like London ( England), Antwerp (Belgium), Valencia (Spain), Naples ( Italy) , King – Abdullah ( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Singapore, Colombo (Sri Lanka), Sidney (Australia) and others are calling the container terminal of  „Klaipedos Smelte“ on regular basis once per week. Up to 6000 TEU are loaded and discharged into these vessels at a time, the majority of these containers are being transhipped by feeder ships – container carries to neighbouring seaports in Finland, Russia, Estonia and other countries.

Vessel „ MSC Ingy“ plies on the „ Silk “ route destined to carry containers from China (Ningbo, Shanghai), Southern Korea ( Kwangyang) and Malaysia (Tanjung Pelepas) seaports to the seaports of Western Europe  ( Sines, Bremerhaven, Gdansk, Rotterdam , Klaipeda) and from  the Western Europe to the Far East. Approximately 1 100 TEU (20 feet equivalent unit) will be discharged and loaded in Klaipeda with Lithuanian and Belarussian export and import cargoes, destined for thousands of consignors and consignees. As this passage was doomed to be the trial voyage, it has been decided not to load the vessel up to the permissible in Klaipeda Seaport draught parameter.