Lithuania aims to become a strategic part of the Silk Road


2015 06 29

Lithuania aims to become a strategic part of the Silk Road
Lithuania aims to become a strategic part of the Silk Road

“Revival of the Silk Road will enhance the cooperation between Asia and Europe in transport, trade and other fields. Lithuania has the ambition to become an important part of the transport supply chain between East and West, and work in the global markets”, said Minister Rimantas Sinkevičius.

According to the Minister, Lithuania is located in a convenient geographical position and can offer modern and developed transport and logistics infrastructure. In addition, the country is planning long-term investments in the transport sector in a sensible and reasonable way. For Financial Perspective 2014-2020, 20.73 percent of state target funds are allocated for the aforementioned sector.


One of the main tasks of the country is to form and develop regional and global transport network.


“Our region is a center of the transcontinental roads located on the Asian mainland; correspondingly, Lithuania is situated at the crossroads of Europe. Our current goal is to evaluate how we can connect the continents and make the Silk Road one of the economic zones”, described the objectives and purposes of the visit Vice-Governor of the province of Xinjiang Mutielifu Hasimu.


In addition, the delegation from China met with the management of JSC ‘Lithuanian Railways’. On 1 July, the delegation is expected to participate at the conference “One Belt, One Road – Visions and Opportunities” to be held in Klaipėda, where the delegation will be introduced to the opportunities of Lithuania’s transport and logistics sector, prospects of cooperation and business investment environment.