Lithuania and Azerbaijan will promote freight transport between the Caspian, Black and Baltic Seas


2010 10 12

“Lithuanian transport system is developing as a component of logistics chain linking Europe and Asia. Therefore promotion of closer relations with Azerbaijan has a great importance. The first meeting of the Commission should be designated to the discussions of cooperation development and coordination of bilateral draft agreements on cooperation in the field of road transport and air transport”, said Minister Masiulis.
By developing of cooperation both countries will make efforts to provide better conditions for transport operators, encourage freight transportation between the both countries, implement advanced technologies. Lithuania and Azerbaijan intend to cooperate closely in promotion of information technology use in transport and logistics, exchange good experiences in the improvement of port information systems in Baku and Klaipėda.    
It was noted that the favourable geographical position provides good opportunities to Lithuania and Azerbaijan to promote transportation between the Caspian, Black and Baltic Seas. Minister Masiulis invited Azerbaijan to join the tripartite agreement on the development of freight transportation by the route the Baltic Sea – the Black Sea signed by Lithuania, Belarus and the Ukraine, as well as to join the joint project of these countries the combined transport train  “Viking”.