Lithuania and Ukraine have common plans to liberalise carriage of goods


2017 08 10


Lithuania and Ukraine continue bilateral partnership in the area of road transport and have agreed on the quotas for authorisations of carriage of passengers and goods which will stay valid until 1 February 2018. Upon the request of Ukrainian delegation, the Ukrainian carriers of goods by motor vehicles have been additionally issued 5 000 universal – bilateral and transit – carriage authorisations.

A joint Lithuanian-Ukrainian commission, which held a meeting at the Ministry of Transport and Communications on 8–9 August, approved the final agreement on the quotas for authorisations of carriage of passengers and goods by motor vehicles.

With regard to the fact that the volume of carriage of goods between the two states increased by 36 per cent (over 607 000 tons) in the first half-year of 2017, as compared with the same period in 2016, Lithuania has approved of the request of the Ukrainian delegation to increase the number of universal authorisations for the carriers of Ukraine.

The commission discussed other issues related to the development of bilateral cooperation in the area of road transport. The possibilities of multimodal transport of goods were also touched upon. The guest delegation proposed to liberalise bilateral and transit carriage of goods between Lithuania and Ukraine, i.e. to perform carriage without authorisations. This would positively influence the economies of both states.

The commission decided to consider this issue in greater detail after relevant Ukrainian legislation is harmonised with the European Union legal framework.