Lithuania and Ukraine to be connected by new flights and train routes


2018 07 17


Lithuania and Ukraine will have even closer transport links in the near future - the countries are planning to resume direct flights between Vilnius and Lviv, start train services on the Kiev-Minsk-Vilnius-Riga route, to improve the conditions for cargo transportation by all means of transport. These issues were discussed at the Intergovernmental Commission for Trade and Economic and Scientific and Technical Cooperation between Ukraine and Lithuania, which took place on July 16-17 in Lviv.

In cooperation within the field of aviation, Lithuania and Ukraine intend to expand the geography of the flights between the two countries. In 2019, direct flights between Vilnius and Lviv will be renewed - representatives of Ukraine are already talking with airlines about this route. The analysis and statistics have shown that such a route should be viable and attractive for passengers, and would contribute to the development of business contacts and tourism.

Ukraine is initiating passenger train routes too. On September 28 this year, the Ukrainian Railways train will start a new route connecting the four capitals - Kiev, Minsk, Vilnius and Riga. It is planned that this train will initially go once a week, and a new timetable will be prepared in December.

In the area of railway transport, it is also important for both parties to increase freight traffic. In order to attract more cargo routes between the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea and Scandinavian countries, Lithuanian and Ukrainian railway companies will jointly develop economically sound tariff policy and marketing measures. The joint efforts will be aimed at increasing the flow of goods from Turkey and the Caucasus countries, and to continue to promote the successful growth of transportation of container train “Viking train”. "Viking train" this train is expected to increase efficiency across the path to install the e-Corridor concept, i.e. in all countries through which goes this route, use a unified system of electronic documents, which would speed up the transport services and make them more attractive to customers.

The issues of international passenger and freight transportation were discussed at the meeting of the Commission. Lithuanian representatives introduced the process of negotiations on the European Union (EU) "Mobility Package". It was agreed that issues of liberalization of bilateral and transit road transportation will be further discussed when the Ukrainian legislation is brought into line with the provisions of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

The Lithuanian-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Commission approved the cooperation between the countries in transport infrastructure projects, emphasized the importance of improving the economic relations and business environment of the countries.