Lithuania approves of the establishment of secure parking areas for trucks


2016 09 28


The Ministry of Transport and Communications supports the initiative of the International Road Transport Union (IRU) to install high security truck parking areas in the whole Europe, including Lithuania. Secure truck parking areas would provide extra protection by ensuring the full security of vehicles and cargoes.  

“Feeling safe and comfortable on the road is one of the key factors that affect the work quality of truck drivers who spend many hours behind the wheel and subsequently affect road safety in general.  Being assured that a vehicle and cargo is safe, a driver is able to enjoy better quality rest and drive more safely,” says  the Minister of Transport and Communications Rimantas Sinkevičius.

The IRU came up with the proposal to establish more high security parking areas for trucks in an attempt to prevent terrorism as well. A truck parking area labelling scheme has been recently approved of by the United Nations.

A proposal has been made to label truck parking areas with new symbols – stars and locks – indicating respectively the security level and the comfort level.

The symbols can be used within a road sign or on an additional panel placed at the entrance of a parking area to provide information about its security level. The number of stars and locks on the road sign would vary from zero to five. The more locks, the higher the security level. The more stars, the higher the comfort level.

Such road signs should be introduced in Lithuania following the amendment of the national road traffic regulations and the approval of the procedure of parking area labelling.

It is expected that first high security truck parking arears in the European Union will appear next year.