Lithuania’s participation in the European project of sea motorways increases the role of Klaipėda Seaport


2010 10 05

“Klaipėda–Karlshamn sea motorway linking Lithuania with Sweden increases the role of Klaipėda Seaport in the international logistics chain. It encourages the development of joint projects in the Baltic Sea region and in CIS and Asian countries as well“, said Vice-Minister Štaras.
Due to the implementation of the sea motorways Klaipėda–Karlshamn project, the both ports will have modern equipment for handling port infrastructure of this line. This will increase the capacities of the ports, and will provide conditions for interoperability of different transport modes, as well as improve the quality of services. For the implementation of this project the TEN-T funding of the European Union has been allocated.   
Sea motorways make an important component of Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T. The development of motorways should enable the shifting of freight flows from roads to the sea and railway transport. This will facilitate the reduction of congestions on roads, improve traffic safety and environment safety. Furthermore, this factor will contribute to the improvement of links with remote EU regions and islands.