Lithuania supports the development of Trans-European Transport Network and the implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems


2010 10 15

“Development of Trans-European Network is one of the main challenges for geographically remote EU member states. Therefore Lithuania will make efforts to reach that infrastructure development should remain among the most important priorities of European transport policy”, said Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications Arūnas Štaras.
According to the Vice-Minister the sustainable development of different transport modes infrastructure is very important for the improvement of transport and logistics qualities, as well as for the growth of competitiveness of transport services.  
Lithuania also will emphasize the importance of EU role in the stimulation of implementation financing of Intelligent Transport Systems by using financial and non-financial resources. This should increase the general efficiency of transport system and improve traffic safety, as well as reduce the negative environmental impact of transport.  
On the general European level the tenth decade in transport policy should be particularly focused on the generation of efficient transport systems based on the implementation of advanced technologies.