Lithuania together with like-minded EU member states to ensure favourable conditions for road carriers


2018 03 06


In order to ensure favourable and competitive conditions for its carriers, today in Budapest (Hungary) Lithuania together with other member states of the European Union are discussing the most important elements of the Mobility Package. The countries aim to develop a shared approach on the way forward on the negotiations and to ensure having a strong common voice during the further discussions in the Transport Council.

The Ministerial Summit is held with the participation of representatives from Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. The Summit offers an opportunity to have a high-level discussion on some of the key elements of the Mobility Package inter alia posting of drivers, driving and rest time rules and rules for cabotage and international transport.

At the moment, most disputes arise out of the provisions related to the openness of the road transport markets and social issues of the sector’s employees. The aspects of the Mobility Package important to cargo carriers are the balance between international carriage, cabotage and driver posting, also making better conditions for driver’s regular rest and work.

The countries urge to ensure free and fair competition and to reduce disproportionate restrictions on carrier activities in the markets of other EU member states.

The countries also seek to ensure better work and rest conditions for the drivers by creating adequate infrastructure and to reduce the regulatory burden and costs by recognising e-documents throughout the EU.

Lithuania also points out that the new initiatives of the EU in the road transport sector should not discriminate EU carriers and at the same time not to create more favourable conditions for third-party carriers. Lithuania urges to take additional measures to make sure that the carriers of non-EU states comply with the same driver posting requirements and to prevent potential distortion of competition with the European carriers.