Lithuania will be closer cooperating with Poland in transport sector


2008 07 31


On June 13 at the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications the State Secretary of Transport and Communications A. Mačiulis met with the Undersecretary of the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure M. Jankovski. At the meeting the coordination of implementation of joint transport projects was discussed. 


Parties exchanged information on the progress of international projects “Via Baltica” and “Rail Baltica”. Officials have also discussed the freight transportation to third countries and detalised the information on the planned reform of road charging in Poland.  


State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications A. Mačiulis has particularly emphasized the importance of railway infrastructure issues. Both countries in this year already are starting the design works of certain “Rail Baltica” segments. For coordination of these works a Joint Polish-Lithuanian group for strategic railway and combined transport was established.


Cooperation of both countries in navigation was discussed. It was agreed to renew the activities of the Joint Commission on cooperation in maritime trade navigation. Information was exchanged on the opportunities of opening a constantly operating ferry line “Klaipėda-Szczecin”.


A. Mačiulis and M. Jankovski also discussed the progress of preparation of Lithuanian and Polish Governments’ agreement on the cooperation in aviation and maritime search and rescue.