Lithuanian Airports record an increasing number of passengers and flights


2016 12 22


In November, the number of flights and passengers in Lithuanian Airports continued to increase. Compared to the same period last year, the number of passengers in November increased by 14%, and the number of flights by 6%. Such rapid growth was significantly influenced by nine new directions from Lithuanian Airports to various cities in Europe.

The most rapid growth was observed in Palanga Airport: in November there were handled almost 19,000 passengers – 76% more than in November 2015. The most rapidly increased the number of passengers flying from Palanga Airport to London (Luton Airport and Stansted Airport).

In November, 281,000 passengers were handled in Vilnius Airport, that is, 12% more in comparison with the same period last year. In Kaunas Airport, the number of passengers increased by 10% and reached 56,000, while the most noticeable increase took place at Palanga Airport:

In November 2016, the results of Vilnius Airport were influenced by new destinations that immediately attracted the passengers’ interest: Birmingham, Nice, Bari, Reykjavík, Berlin. Flights to Leeds announced by the low-cost airline “Ryanair” became particularly popular. The number of passengers flying from Vilnius to Oslo, Tallinn, Stockholm, Warsaw and Kiev grew as well.

The improved results of Kaunas Airport were also caused by new destinations, which were introduced in Kaunas this autumn: Eindhoven, Stavanger, Bergen, Ålesund. Flights to these cities from Kaunas Airport are operated by the low-cost airline “Wizz Air”.

In total, over the course of 11 months of the current year, Lithuanian Airports handled as many as 4.4 million passengers.