Lithuanian bicycle registration system will help to guard against thefts


2012 11 26

Lithuanian bicycle registration system will help to guard against thefts
Lithuanian bicycle registration system will help to guard against thefts
While bicycles are getting more and more popular a lot of Lithuanians are faced with increased numbers of bicycle thefts and problems identifying real owner if the stolen bike is found, because bikes that are purchased a long time ago usually have no documentation proving the real owner. A lot of European Union countries already have such bicycle registration systems which help to solve problems mentioned before, so it was decided to create similar system in Lithuania as well.  
It is hoped Lithuania’s bicycle registration system will become a preventative measure for bicycle thefts and create more opportunities to identify, find and retrieve a stolen bike. This system will help to check whether or not the bike intended to buy is stolen, it will also provide opportunity to identify real owner of the bike if purchase documents are lost and etc.
Those who wish to use bicycle registration system will have to register as a user on the website . Once logged onto bicycle register the user will be able to register his own bikes as well as ones of his family members and relatives. To register a bicycle it will be needed to enter its frame number into the register (every bike has one). Once the bike is registered owner will be sent a special sticker with a code, which should be placed on the bicycle’s frame. In case of theft bike which is registered in the system can be marked as stolen in the bicycle register.
In addition, it will be possible to re-register the bike for another owner once it’s sold, mark places of bicycle theft on the map, join the police registry with information about the stolen items and perform other functions.
Bicycle registration system is developed by cooperation of Lithuanian cycling business association and Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Police department, Lithuanian cyclist community and by consulting other institutions. Currently Lithuania has developed a computer model for bicycle registration system, prepared the necessary documents, regulations, contracts and other necessary documentation to ensure functioning of the system.