Lithuanian Post purchased the “Baltic Post” company


2012 06 12

Lithuanian Post purchased the “Baltic Post” company
Lithuanian Post purchased the “Baltic Post” company
“After purchasing the “Baltic Post” company, Lithuanian Post will continue the development of terminals’ network. In the nearest future it is planned to install a few more new terminals, and to provide more flexible conditions for shipment via the terminals in Lithuania as well as abroad”, declared Domas Sabaitis, Director of the “Baltic Post” company. 
At present the “Baltic Post” company operates the network of 60 terminals in 34 towns of Lithuania. In the nearest future 11 more terminals will be installed in 9 towns. Self-service shipment terminals SIUNTOS24 are usually installed near large shopping centres, gas-stations, post offices.
Terminals are equipped with advanced technologies. They work efficiently by transferring to couriers information on shipment parcels stored in terminals. This enables rapid and efficient delivery of shipments to consignees.