Lithuanian proposals for long-term safeguarding of traffic flows in extraordinary video conference of Ministers of Transport


2020 03 19


Lithuania expressed its agreement with creation of unofficial platform in the extraordinary council of the Ministers of Transport of the European Union, where ministers of 27 EU Member States and Commissioner for Transport Adina-Ioana Vălean took place. The platform would allow learning from one source what measures are undertaken by the Member States, and it would connect information on updates in the areas of transport and border control in individual Member States.


At present, the Member States are undertaking different control measures of varied intensity, thus one platform would help to react quicker to the changing situation.

Jaroslav Narkevič, Minister of Transport and Communications, stressed in the conference that it is necessary to undertake measures in order to allow priority passage of short-lived commodities, medical aids and other important goods on the border. At present, such cargoes get stuck in the control points because of additional and excessive document-filling and jams. It has a strong impact on carriers and manufacturers.

In order to guarantee smooth movement of goods in the entire EU, Lithuania agreed with the idea of the European Commission to make border control procedures uniform and proposed additionally to introduce regular health check-up of drivers and continuous information exchange between competent authorities. This would reduce the need to check each truck on the border. This tool could be beneficial in longer perspective if the problem of queues recurs.

Lithuania agreed with the proposal of the European Commission to guarantee possibility to all the EU citizens to return home. At present, when above-ground transport via Poland is almost stopped, it is endeavoured at creating a possibility for Lithuania and other Member States to maintain at least minimal regular communication by air transport. Moreover, transport capacities of ferries and chartered flights are increased. Despite of imposed maximum control measures, Vilnius Airport remains open.

Lithuania has been applying especially strict control measures since the 16th of March: the Lithuanian border control at internal EU borders has been restored, the check-up is performed, the number of active border crossing points has been reduced and the particular border points, sea ports and airports have been indicated, where the Lithuanian border may be crossed.