Lithuanian Transport Development Prospects were Introduced in an International Conference


2007 05 22


In an international conference entitled The Lithuanian Business and Investment Summit that took place in Vilnius on 10 - 11 May,  State Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Alminas Mačiulis introduced the Lithuanian transport sector and its development perspectives on an international level.

Lithuanian transport is one of the fastest growing sectors of economics of the country, said Mr. Mačiulis. Growth of GDP part created by this sector of economics greatly exceeds the growth of national GDP. According to the State Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, among all country’s services exported in 2006, transport had the greatest portion (53.6 percent-LTL 5 billion and 332 million). This shows that transport service providers are competitive and active on the international level.

An intense pace of economic growth as well regional trade, demand for a well developed transport infrastructure. While talking about priorities and objectives of Lithuanian transport sector, Alminas Mačiulis underlined that in the financial perspective of 2007-2013 it is anticipated allocating the sector of transport with EUR 3 billion from the state budget, Cohesion Fund, and the European Regional Development Fund.  According to him, the main attention will be given to the development of Northern-Southern transport corridor axis and modernization of Eastern-Western axis.

“International transport connections have been designed and are further developed, while Lithuanian transport sector projects are being successfully implemented and provide for great opportunities in improving economic collaboration with world countries on the basis of global market conditions”, underlined State Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communication Alminas Mačiulis.