Mandatory vehicle inspection may be postponed


2020 04 03


In consideration to risk related to spreading coronavirus, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania changes the performance procedure of mandatory vehicle inspection. When the validity period of the vehicle inspection expires during the quarantine, it will be possible to inspect the vehicle after the quarantine and for 30 calendar days more after the end of the quarantine’s period. Besides, special safety requirements for vehicle inspection during the quarantine were established.

“As the coronavirus infection COVID-19 is spreading and the quarantine was announced in Lithuania, many drivers are worried about safety of the vehicle inspection. Besides, some people are forced to get self-isolated and to avoid contacts with other persons. As we understand the present situation and want to guarantee safety of drivers and controllers of vehicle inspections, we provide a possibility to postpone mandatory vehicle inspections for a month after the end of the quarantine”, says Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Jaroslav Narkevič.

It should be noted that controllers of vehicle inspection are working continuously, so the compulsory vehicle inspection may be performed during the quarantine, as well. The new procedure of technical inspections provides safety requirements that should reduce the contract of a controller of vehicle inspection with a driver and the inspected vehicle as much as possible.

According to the new procedure, the controller performing mandatory vehicle inspection during the quarantine will have to avoid getting inside of the car, except when it is necessary in order to check the braking equipment and/or wheel’s mechanism. The internal equipment will not be assessed during the quarantine, save for the defects clearly visible from exterior. Besides, the compulsory safety equipment usually kept in the vehicle (i.e. fire extinguishers, triangular emergency stop mark, first aid kits) will not be assessed.

The changes in vehicle inspection will allow the vehicle inspection companies to continue working in compliance with general safety recommendations. The safeguarding of this service is especially relevant for people engaged in trade of used cars. Meanwhile, the persons, whose mobility is restricted due to compulsory self-isolation, and who belong to the risk group and are afraid of contagion, will be able to perform vehicle inspection later, after the quarantine ends and for 30 calendar days afterwards.