Minister A. Butkevičius participates in the Universal Postal Union Congress


2008 08 08



On July 23 Algirdas Butkevičius, Minister of Transport and Communications, is participating at the Congress of Universal Postal Union (UPU), where the Minister will be seeking the support of UPU member states for Lithuania’s candidature for one of the most important UPU management posts – the Council of Administration (CA).

As Minister A. Butkevičius said, the membership at the UPU Council of Administration will open for our country the opportunities of efficient participation in the solution of problems related to the modernisation of postal services and coordination of interests of different postal market stakeholders. It will also enable the wider global dissemination of information about our country.

Lithuania is a member of the UPU since the year 1922 and is actively participating in the UPU activities. While being a UPU CA member state Lithuania would seek that attention should be focused on the interests of smaller-size countries, where the flows of postal consignments are less considerable.