Minister Eligijus Masiulis: “Application of different measures results in positive achievements at Vilnius Airport”


2009 11 13


This winter season, 16 regular flights will be operated from Vilnius International Airport. Since June, according to the growth of passenger flows per month, Vilnius Airport started showing better results than the Airport of the Estonian capital Tallinn. From June, Vilnius International Airport has provided services for more than 651 thousand passengers (whereas Tallinn Airport – 595 thousand passengers). Vilnius became a strong regional leader in the servicing of charter flights – the Airport of the Lithuanian capital provided services for almost 196.5 thousand passenger charter flights (Tallinn – 118 thousand, Riga – 83 thousand passengers).     

At present, due to the rapidly growing competition, and striving to be among the most attractive and most competitive airports in the region, Vilnius International Airport reviews the pricing and improves conditions for airline companies.