Minister Eligijus Masiulis: “The vision of development of electro mobiles – by 2050 a half of the road vehicles fleet in Lithuania will consist of ecological transport means”


2010 07 14

“In the nearest future the range of selling of vehicles propelled by electric energy should increase. This is also proved by official forecasts – from 2020 the production of traditional inner combustion engines on gasoline and dieseline will rapidly decline. They will be replaced by environment friendly efficient energy consuming engines and automobiles. Lithuania in principle has to consider chances – either to go with this trend or lag behind and then try to catch up later” said Minister Eligijus Masiulis.
The Minister‘s proposed vision – establishment by 2015 of a pilot infrastructure network for charging/replacing electro mobile batteries in one of the major towns in Lithuania. By 2030 – the total electrification and automation of public transport should be reached in major towns of Lithuania, and the amount of environment friendly road vehicles should reach 40% of all vehicle fleet. By 2050 Lithuanian fleet of ecological road vehicles should be developed up to the proportion of 50% of the total road vehicles fleet.