Minister Masiulis: “We are starting the rearrangement of the whole Lithuanian road construction and maintenance system”


2010 03 16

According to the Minister, among his first works in his position was the objective of analysing the existing Lithuanian road construction and maintenance system, evaluation of its week and strong points and preparing concrete plans for qualitative changes. Specialists were assigned to inspect concrete objects with the view of checking if the finished projects corresponded to the planned quality requirements and if the allocations had been rationally and properly used.  
“The results of the evaluation were not satisfactory, for example, the inspection of certain automobile roads showed that in some places construction materials have not been used adequately to the contract. We consider that experts found significant discrepancies with quality requirements”, noted the Minister of Transport and Communications.
The Minister emphasized the fact that it occurred that the whole road construction and renovation system, i. e. the planning, tendering, implementation of works and quality control, had been arranged in such a way that nobody should be responsible for the final results. 
“The reforms will enable the State to use more responsibly the public money and projects will be implemented more qualitatively”, said Minister Masiulis.