Minister Masiulis: “We invite Turkey to become a partner of the railway project connecting the Baltic Sea with the Black Sea“


2010 02 02

“Viking”, the joint railway project of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine provides considerable advantages in freight transportation between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. Goods are transported rapidly, cost-efficiently, by fluent border-crossing and customs procedures. We invite Turkey to join the development of this project’s geography. We believe that this will be economically beneficial to Turkey as well”, said Minister Masiulis.
Ambassador Altug said that Turkey’s governmental institutions are positively regarding the “Viking” development plans. However for a successful operation it is necessary to attract private business structures as well. During the meeting it was agreed to arrange the presentation of this project in Istanbul, where experts of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine would acquaint Turkish government and business representatives with the project and advantages provided by it.    
“Viking”, the project successfully functioning from 2003, enables streamlined freight transportation by the rail route Lithuania (Klaipėda Seaport)–Belarus–Ukraine (Ilyjchovsk Seaport). A natural extension of this route – motorways of the sea, which enable transportation via the Baltic Sea to Denmark, Sweden, Germany and other EU ports, and via the Black Sea – to countries of the Caucasus and Asia.