Minister of Transport and Communications considers the development of


2007 12 20


On 23 October 2007, in Lisbon, the Conference of Ministers of EU Member States was held, where issues of motorways of the sea and development of logistics were discussed.

In the discussions held by EU Ministers, Mr. Algirdas Butkevičius, Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, is planning to exchange the views of Lithuania on the role of concept of motorways of the sea in logistics and in transport chains.   

Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications has defined the development of motorways of the sea as one of the main objectives of strategic activities. Representatives of Lithuania, as well as those from other countries of the Baltic region, take active participation in the activities of the Working Group on the Motorways of the Sea. This Working Group analyses the issues concerning the infrastructure of motorways of the Baltic Sea, the use of iceboats, the development of Information Technologies, financing issues, etc. By its initiative the study “Master Plan of Motorways of the Baltic Sea” is under preparation. In the first stage of this study a review of the maritime transport infrastructure of Baltic Sea freight flows has been prepared.