Ministry of Transport and Communications: conditions for road carriers must be equal


2015 12 03

russian truck.jpg

The Lithuanian government approved the Transport and Transit Commission’s proposal to apply road user charge on the use of Lithuanian motorways for the heavy goods vehicles registered in the Russian Federation.

 “Russia has introduced a federal road toll for Lithuanian carriers, despite bilateral agreements freeing carriers from both countries from such charges. In order to create equal conditions for carriers, an equivalent toll will be levied in Lithuania,” said Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania Saulius Girdauskas.

At present, the bilateral agreements of February 12, 1992, and November 18, 1993, signed between the governments of both countries in Vilnius define the general rules and principles for collaboration between Lithuania and Russia. The latter provide that vehicles from both parties were exempt from road levy collection.

Lithuania received a Note from Russia stating that from November 15, 2015, all 12-ton vehicles are liable to the road levy collection system for the damage done on federal roads.  

With the Russian Federation’s introduction of road tolls for heavy goods vehicles registered in Lithuania, starting from December 15, 2015, Lithuania intends to introduce levy toll for the use of trunk roads applicable for the heavy goods vehicles registered in the Russian Federation.

Haulers from other countries are required to pay Lithuanian road user fee since 2005.