Ministry of Transport and Communications Launches Development of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure


2016 08 08

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Together with the Lithuanian Road Administration, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has drawn up a project with about EUR 3 million of EU funding for the development of the electric vehicle infrastructure along the national main roads and in cities. The objective of this project is to promote the use of electric vehicles and to reduce the environmental effect of transport.

“During the coming years, as of 2017, we plan to build more than 150 electric vehicle charging stations in the cities and over 30 – along the main roads”, says Vice-Minister for Transport and Communications Saulius Girdauskas. “This ambitious project to build new charging stations has been encouraged by the growing popularity of electric vehicles and the need to reduce environmental pollution. Our goal is user-friendly infrastructure making it possible to comfortably charge electric vehicles anywhere in Lithuania”.

According to the plan, 10 charging stations will be installed along the main road Via Baltica, between Poland and Latvia, and along the road connecting Panevėžys and Vilnius each. Another 11 stations should be built along the motorway between Klaipėda and Vilnius.

Charging stations for electric vehicles are to be installed in cities where the population exceeds 25 000 or which have the resort status and have sustainable urban mobility plans drawn up.

Lithuania saw its first electric vehicles back in 2011 when it received a few cars Nissan Leaf.

During the past years the fleet of electric vehicles has almost doubled. By 2025 all new electric vehicles registered in Lithuania are expected to account for 10% of the annual number of new cars sold.