Modern Area Control Centre to go up next to Vilnius Airport


2017 07 10


A new Area Control Centre, which will be one of the most modern in Europe, has begun to be built not far from Vilnius Airport. Construction is expected to be completed in 2018.

The equipment for the new centre will be an integral part of the Baltic Functional Airspace Block (Baltic FAB), a joint Lithuanian–Polish project. Established in 2012, the bilateral block aims to ensure the safe, efficient and cost-effective use of the aggregated airspace of the two countries, reduce aircraft fuel consumption and environmental pollution, and ensure air traffic control in crisis situations.

The systems implemented at the centre will be coordinated with partners from the iTEC Alliance; Oro Navigacija, which has been assigned to the regulatory field by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, joined the alliance this year together with its partners from Baltic FAB – Polish air navigation service provider PANSA. Other air navigation service providers from Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Norway and Spain who are members of the same alliance will also have the latest equipment.

The new building complex will also house the Oro Navigacija administration and training centre.