Mr. Pavel Telička: solutions for EU funding of Rail Baltica Project


2007 12 20


On 13 November 2007, during his visit in Vilnius, Mr. Pavel Telička, European Coordinator for Rail Baltica Project, informed Mr. Algirdas Butkevičius, Minister of Transport and Communications, on  applications of 6 countries concerning Rail Baltica project and on the progress of their evaluation.  

In the meeting Mr. Telička pointed out that by the end of this year it is foreseen to make a decision regarding the EU funding of Rail Baltica Project. All countries involved in the Project will be able to start its implementation at the earliest possibility. It was also pointed out that the perspectives of freight transportation in the North-South direction are improving. Mr. Telička said: “After many years of discussions the implementation of Rail Baltica has started at last. It is very important to work jointly. Lithuania has to retain its leading role in the implementation of this project”.

Minister Butkevičius informed that already in the nearest future a tender will be published for the designing works of Rail Baltica. It is also planned to establish an international coordination group of Rail Baltica partner-countries. This group should be responsible for the implementation of the Project. As Minister said, Lithuania takes the initiative to hold the first meeting of the group and will seek the soonest possible its implementation.