Official Opening of the Most Up-to-Date Lavoriškės Border Control Post


2006 11 20


On 18 October, an official opening ceremony of the modernised Lavorikšės Border Control Post took place. This is already a fourth international border control post operating at this frontier.  Its design capacity in twenty-four hours is 1 000 vehicles.

According to Mr. Algirdas Butkevičius, Minister of Transport and Communications, the modernised Lavoriškės-Kotlovka Border Control Post is the most up-to-date in Lithuania and is already compliant with all the requirements of the Schengen Agreement. According to Mr. Butkevičius, this border post will shorten the distance for those travelling to Lithuania, North West Region of Russia and Belarus by even 70 kilometres. According to Mr. Butkevičius, Minister of Transport and Communications, the modernised Lavoriškės Border Control Post will improve communications among the countries and will be highly conducive to shorter vehicle queues at Lithuania's border with Belarus.

After accession of Lithuania to the European Union and during its preparations for membership of the Schengen Area, special focus is on the protection of the Eastern EU border, due to which Lavoriškės Border Control Post was made compliant with all the applicable requirements.