One More New Ferry Opened in the New Smiltynė Ferry Terminal


2005 10 29


On 21 October, Minister of Transport and Communication Petras Čėsna participated in the opening ceremony of the second new ferry Baltija in Smiltynė ferry terminal in Klaipėda. The first ferry Neringa has been successfully transporting Klaipėda and Neringa residents and city guests to the Curonian Spit for one year already.

The new ferry will make a good addition to other five ferries that have been running across the lagoon over 30 years. These ferries can run across the Curonian Lagoon if the wind speed does not exceed 20 meters per second. Whereas Baltija, like the first new ferry Neringa, will be able to run safely even if the wind speed is 30 meters per second (hurricane).

Ferries Neringa and Baltija have started the era of new ferries in Klaipėda . Minister of Transport and Communications Petras Čėsna welcomed the ambitious aspiration of the staff of Smiltynė ferry terminal to work effectively after the replacement of the old ferries with the new ones. The Minister expressed his hopes that the new ferries would also start running at the first ferry terminal line connecting Smiltynė and the bank of the River Danė.