One year of the Minister of Transport and Communications – the largest input in the implementation of Economy stimulation plan, and many human lives saved at roads


2009 12 10


Under the difficult economic conditions the efficient use of resources for transport infrastructure projects enables to maintain the economic vitality of the country and helps to reduce the results of the financial crisis. From the beginning of 2009 almost one billion LTL has already been invested in Lithuanian transport infrastructure, from which sum 584 million LTL make the EU structural funding. In transport sector, if compared with other sectors of national economy, indices of absorption of EU aid are among the best results. These resources have directly reached the business environment and make a significant contribution in the implementation of Economy stimulation plan.   

Retained jobs, more favourable conditions for the development of business, taxes contributing to the State budget – these changes in the national economy are determined by transport infrastructure development activities. Transport services also have a great influence. They make 60 percent of national services export. It is foreseen that during the whole year 2009 the balance of transport services, i. e. Lithuania’s revenues in this sector, will make more than 2 billion LTL. Transport activities facilitate the amortisation of the complicated national economic situation. 

Seeking the reduction of administrative burden for business and the improvement of business environment, the Ministry of Transport and Communications submitted to the Government proposals regarding the facilitation of public procurement procedures, simplification of land appropriation for public needs. These factors will enable the reduction of fees, improve the preparation of detailed plans and reduce the obstacles for contractors from other countries.

Together with other Governmental institutions the Ministry makes all efforts in solving problems that are encountered by national carriers. Earlier this year, in August, problems of Lithuanian carriers were solved on the Russian border. In November national carriers had a shortage of licences for transportation of goods to/from Russia. The Ministry managed to receive rapidly the additional licences.

In the regulation area of the Ministry of Transport and Communications great amounts of funding have been saved and activities of enterprises were made more transparent and efficient. The reconstruction of the Ministry administration made in September will also enable to save more than a million LTL per year.  

 In 2009 the problem of Lithuanian international transportation by air was also solved. Measures for competition stimulation and attraction of other airlines that were taken by the Ministry and Vilnius International Airport gave positive results. New direct flights keep being launched from Vilnius to other European destinations.  

Particularly good results have been reached this year in the field of traffic safety. During the eleven months of 2009, if compared with the relevant period of the previous year, the rate of deaths on roads decreased by almost 28 percent, the rate of injures dropped by 24 per cent. These results were reached due to an active educative campaign, as well as due to the installation of new engineering traffic safety equipment on the dangerous stretches of roads.  

In 2009 Vilnius hosted the first ASEM Meeting of Transport Ministers and Euro-Asian Transport Development Forum. These events facilitated transport links between the two continents and initiated many new trade routes between Asia and Europe.