Perspectives of Ryanair‘s development in Lithuania discussed at the Ministry


2017 03 21


Rokas Masiulis, Minister of Transport and Communications, and Ryanair's Chief Operations officer Mick Hickey discussed development possibilities of the company and the plans to expand its aircraft maintenance in Lithuania.

Mr. Hickey outlined Ryanair’s growth plans, as it continues to grow its fleet to 600 aircraft and its passenger numbers to 200 million per year by 2024, and will require additional aircraft maintenance facilities across Europe, resulting in the creation of more than 1,000 new engineering jobs.

“Aircraft mechanics and engineers is a profession of the future, these specialists will never be short of work. Ministry of Transport and Communications is also committed to promoting the training of such specialists”, said the Minister.

Mr. Hickey noted Ryanair is very happy with the support they have received for the development of their heavy maintenance facilities in Kaunas over the last five years where they currently employ around 200 staff. Further development of Ryanair’s facilities would require the provision of specific technical training courses for trainee aircraft mechanics and engineers.