Poland supports the idea of renewing the passenger train routes from Lithuania


2010 08 26

The new route gets support of all countries the territories of which will be covered by this route. The European Commission also supports the initiative. However, as far as now it is not clear who would become the operator of the route.
“The eruption of the Icelandic volcano earlier this year impacted all European aviation companies. This fact is one more proof that without a normal passenger railway transport linkage with the Western Europe such transportation problems may occur in the future as well”, said Vice-Minister Arūnas Štaras.   
With a view to attract passengers for using railway transport via Lithuania from St. Petersburg to Berlin, Lithuania and Poland have to solve the issue of rolling-stock change on the border.
Present equipment does not meet requirements; therefore it is not used already for several years. Due to this fact, passengers going by the route Vilnius-Warsaw have to change trains at the State border.  
Today, Vice-Minister Štaras and Vice-Minister Engelhardt have also discussed the progress of “Rail Baltica project” implementation.