Preparatory works for the construction of Klaipėda deep-sea port have been indentified


2008 07 31



On June 18 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the plan for the implementation of preparatory works for the construction of Klaipėda deep-sea port. According to this plan the preparatory works have to be finished until the middle of 2011. 


The deep-sea port is sufficiently complex from the point of view of engineering. It is an object of high importance to Lithuania, and it will require considerable investments. Therefore its construction will require coordinated activities of various institutions. The plan approved by the Government foresees concrete preparatory works of port construction, as well as their implementation terms and responsible executives.  


The Ministry of Transport and Communications together with Finance and Economy Ministries are delegated to analyse the financing opportunities of port construction and to identify the funding resources – the State budget, EU funding and other allocations.


In the middle of 2009 the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority will elaborate the proposals and terms of reference for the deep-sea port construction project. Afterwards the environmental impact will be evaluated. It is planned that until the end of 2010 the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority will prepare a detailed plan, and until the middle of 2011 the technical project of the construction will be prepared. 


The construction of the deep-sea port will comprise the formation of artificial island of 1500 m length and 700 mwidth in the distance of 350 m off the shore. The island will be connected with the present port by railways and roads. It is proposed to implement the construction of the deep-sea port in two stages. The first stage, until 2015, will cover the construction of piers, formation of territory and construction of quays. After finishing this stage the deep-sea port will be able to start operating. The above mentioned construction works will be continued until 2025.