Programme for the improvement


2007 12 20


On 31 October 2007 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the Programme of road traffic safety improvement. The Programme is intended for elaboration of traffic safety improvement measures and for rapid and efficient reduction of road accidents rate.

The time period of Programme implementation is 2007-2018. The Programme will be implemented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice, Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior.  

For the Programme implementation the additional equipment for fixation of trespasses of speed regulation will be implemented and a system of continuing training of drivers will be established. In 2008, on national roads will be installed no less than 150 automatic speed meters. By 1 December 2007 it is planned to prepare and approve technical requirements for automatic speed metering equipment implementation. 

For the efficient management, registration, accumulation, administration liabilities and storage of Road traffic rules’ violation data registered by automatic speed metering equipment special police officers will be appointed that will work with the automatic speed metering equipment, data registration, accumulation and storage.