Queues of road vehicles crossing the State border will be regulated


2010 10 01

“By this step we hope to solve problems arising due to the increased amounts of travellers to the Kaliningrad District. Conflicts between drivers and local population were arising on everyday basis. From now on trailers from Kybartai and Virbalis will not park on the streets in front of dwellers’ houses”, said Minister Masiulis.
The new rules will facilitate better regulation of transport flows and will ensure traffic safety and the public order. Those who travel and those who live nearby will have more comfortable and better conditions.
Vehicle queues will be regulated at the three largest boarder-crossing points with the Kaliningrad District of the Russian Federation – Kybartai, Ramoniškės and Panemunė, where the queuing of vehicles is constantly observed.
The queue of individual cars intending to cross the Kybartai boarder-crossing point will be formed in Kybartai. The queue of heavy road vehicles will start to be formed from the 37th km on the Marijampolė–Kybartai road, before the town of Virbalis (approximately 5 km to the State border) and further it will be marshalled in the direction of Marijampolė.