Record amount of passenger handling has been registered at Vilnius International Airport


2008 07 08




Earlier this spring, in May, a record amount of passengers served by VilniusInternationalAirport was registered within the whole history of its functioning.


192 678 passengers, or by 29.5% more than in the corresponding period of the last year, were served by the VilniusInternationalAirport in May. Also flight handling has increased, the proportions reached 3 587. This is by 19.5 % more than during the analogical period of the last year.  


As Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said, such trends of passenger flow growth in VilniusInternationalAirport are gratifying and justifying the rapid development of the Airport infrastructure in the last year. New passenger terminal functioning from the last autumn enables VilniusInternationalAirport to serve passengers more efficiently and promptly.  


It is expected that this year Vilnius International Airport , which takes the proportion of 4/5 of all passengers handled in Lithuanian airports, will serve 2 million passengers.