Regional importance of Lithuanian transport and logistics sector has been presented in the Baltic Economic Forum


2010 09 24

“Regarding the transport sector Lithuania has a clear vision of its role in the region – we intend to become a competitive centre of logistics at the Baltic Sea region. Due to favourable geographical position and thanks to well-developed infrastructure we can provide excellent possibilities for freight transit between the EU, CIS and Asian countries situated on the North-South and East-West transportation axes”, said Minister Masiulis.
For the efficient functioning of logistics at the Baltic Sea region the freight flows on East-West axis are very important. Lithuania takes an active part in the stimulation of the development of the East-West transport corridor, as the infrastructure of this corridor ensures a reliable link between Asian and CIS countries with Europe and the Baltic Sea region.  
Earlier this year, in June, the East-West Transport Corridor Association was established in Vilnius. Activities of the Association include European countries, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China. The Association seeks to strengthen the cooperation of public and private sector, improve the infrastructure of the transport corridor and the quality of services, implement advanced solutions in transport and logistics, simplify boarder control and customs procedures. “Association activities stimulate the viable and efficient links of European and Asian transport. Business sector takes an ever-growing interest in the activities of the Association”, said Minister Masiulis.