Reinforcing the trade and economic relationship of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea


2008 07 08



On May 28-30 Ms. Liudmila Zumerienė, Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, participated in the congress of Lithuanian Ambassadors residing in the countries of the Black Sea region. During the congress objectives of Lithuanian Ambassadors were discussed with the view of enhancement of trade and economic cooperation of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea regions and the development of joint transport projects.  


Challenges for economic diplomacy were discussed by Lithuanian diplomats residing in Ukraine , Belarus , Turkey , Moldova , Azerbaijan , Armenia and Georgia . Representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Transport and Communications, and Economy presented the targets of economic cooperation and main political trends.


Ms. Liudmila Zumerienė, Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, presented the successfully functioning railway project “Viking”, which is enabling cargo transportation by container train on the route Lithuania (Klaipėda Seaport)-Belarus-Ukraine (Ilyjchovsk port). Natural extension of this route – the sea motorways via the Baltic Sea going to Denmark, Sweden, Germany and other EU member states, and via the Black Sea to Asian and Caucasian countries. In May, with the view to stimulate such transportation, a tripartite agreement was signed by Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine on the development of freight transport by the route the Baltic Sea - the Black Sea.   


Problems of freight transportation by the container train “Viking”, as well as the ways of their solution, were discussed at the round table discussion with representatives of Ukrainian customs, border crossing control, Ilyjchovsk port and forwarding companies.